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Why is create a map not working



  • Carolyn

    Hi Patricia! We apologize for the frustrating experience. Please send an email to so that our support team can assist. If you can include a brief screen recording of this behavior, that will also help us troubleshoot. Thank you!

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  • Kevin Carlyle

    There's an interesting bug related to map data updating.  I just last week updated the OSM data for Indian Cave State Park in Nebraska to better match the map on the park's website.   Most of the park didn't match the official map.   AllTrails pulled this new data in for routing but haven't updated their tiles.  Until they do you can click around on the visible line but the dots won't necessarily move along it.  You have to click randomly to find the current line that's invisible.

    There's a similar problem with satellite tiles.  Plenty of cases I've found they update the alltrails tile but not the satellite tile.  So same idea, you make a route in satellite view and it follows a line not on screen.

    I bet you're running into a bug that's in this same area, where the real map data and on screen data don't line up and because it's causing data conflicts so it can't finish a route for you.  easy way to test would be to turn off smart routing and see if it works by manually tracing.

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