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    Hi Kristina - It is not possible to move your starting point. However, there is a workaround around for this on our website at You can save your activity as a custom map and then edit the activity's route. You can then download the GPX file for the new map and upload it back to your 'Activities' list. Here's how you can do so:

    1. Log in to your account at (must be from a desktop or laptop, not mobile web)
    2. Hover over 'Saved' and select 'Activities'
    3. Click to open the activity you wish to edit
    4. Click the overflow menu (three dots) and select 'Customize map' — this will save your activity to your 'My maps', also under the 'Saved' tab
    5. To edit the route, click the overflow menu next to your 'Route' on the left panel and select edit, then proceed to edit the route
    6. When finished editing, click 'Save custom map'
    7. Click the overflow menu and select 'Download map' (you can select the default GPX Track file option)
    8. Go back to your 'Activities' list, click 'Upload file, then add the file you have just downloaded
    9. If desired, delete the original activity from your list in order to prevent duplication of your stats
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