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Turn off snap-to when browsing by maps.


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  • Bob Stein

    I'm feeling that frustration too. While panning and zooming on Chrome or Firefox under Windows, AllTrails map will suddenly zoom WAY IN to the starting point of one of my activities. It's very disorienting and frustrating. I want to explore parts of the map near where I've been, but find a new place to hike where I have not been yet. Is this an OpenStreetMap thing? Well then figure out how to disable that.

    Here's how to reproduce:

    1. Bring up the AllTrails map, e.g. browse to
    2. Pan and zoom until there is just one of your gray teardrop map pin symbols in view for one of your past activity starting points.
    3. Pan and zoom until that map in goes out of view so that there are ZERO map pins in view.
    4. Now slowly reverse that to bring that ONE map pin back into view.
    5. When it comes into view, the map suddenly jumps and zooms ALL THE WAY IN to where that map pin is centered. Some bright algorithm has decided that the only thing of interest to me in the whole world is that one activity point.

    This most frustrating thing about a robot is when it does something you didn't tell it to do, and don't want it to do, and you have no idea what it did or why. Please get rid of this dumb smart feature.

    June 2021

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