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  • Breckt

    Are you a Pro user with a paid membership? When you try to download is there a pop-up telling you that this feature is only available to subscribers? Since you didn't state this in you comments I'll assume you are a "Pro" subscriber.

    The app you download on your iPad is designed for the iPhone. If/when AllTrails develops an iPad version this will be a limitation.

    Since you have gone through the effort of reading the documentation I'm not sure why you can't download. Are you getting any kind of messages when you tap the Circle with the down arrow in the app? normally when you tap on the first download icon a second dialog box open. Since you mentioned the layers it sounds like you are seeing this and tapping on the layers download icon. After tapping you should see a circle with a square button while the layer is being downloaded. After a few seconds depending on the size of the layer it should turn green if the download was successful or red or yellow with  message if unsuccessful.

    if you never get any of these messages try cancelling the download by tapping on the download icon and try again.

    Make sure you have a good cellular or wifi connection

    Hope this helps


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