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Add trail recorded by app on phone to existing stored map


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  • Breckt

    Yes but it's a fair amount of work.

    download your GPX track.

    Best way is to go to

    Create an account.

    Choose edit. look for the map data icon along the left side.

    click on the three dots next to the "Custom Map Date" and browse for your file.

    Upload the file and click on ok. Open stree maps will zoom to the location and you will see your colored track

    At the top click on "Line" and start clicking on one end of you colored track. Keep making short clicks along the line until you are at the end of the line and double click to end

    A window will pop up on the left. Select "Paths" and choose the appropriate path

    Another window will pop-up where you can name the trail if it has a name. You can add many additional items

    When you are finished click on save and complete any fields you wish

    In less that 24 hours sometime within 15 minutes you trail will show up in the OSM trail layer

    Eventually the trail will show up in the AllTrails layer but the mapping smart routeing feature will be available before it show up in the AllTrails layer.


    it's a lot of work but over several years i adding 90+ of all the trails this way in Wyoming's Wind River area (Bridger Wilderness)



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