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Show trails instead of pins



  • Oz

    Came here to request pretty much this feature.  Eg, search "Buffalo National River Wilderness" and instead of seeing a list of 30 trails and pins on top of each other on the map, allow me to select multiple trails from the list  (and a "select all" option) where I want to see the actual tracks on the map.  Ideally with a "push pin" to keep certain tracks displayed even when I change the search criteria.  This way I'll be able to see the whole network of trails in an area and how they interconnect, and plan a route spanning multiple trails.  It will also help solve the issue where AllTrails breaks down long hikes (eg Ozark Highlands Trail) into multiple sections as separate trails without showing that they are all part of the same trail. 

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  • Breadcrumb Watcher

    And I thought I had it bad in Washington state when some locations have 10-15 "trails" starting at the same location. Wow!

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