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Turn off recording by default


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    In order to reduce the number of steps when heading out on the trail, tapping your downloaded map card will now load that route directly into Navigator. You'll be able to see your current location in respect to the route, and you can simply tap 'Start' to begin tracking and recording your activity. 

    Tapping the small trail card at the top of the screen will take you to the trail details page. Even when you are offline, you will still be able to see high level details about the trail. From here, you can also tap 'View Full Map' to access your traditional downloaded map view.

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  • Jennifer Thomas

    Totally Agree!   (This is a different "Jennifer").

    If I leave the map on my screen, which I like to do if I am watching for turnoffs, or am tired and want to stop every few minutes to see how far I still have to go (lol), and I then stick my phone in my pocket, it sometimes turns on just from sliding around.  Not to be overly paranoid, but this seems like a "you are the product" kind of thing.  It creates a lot of data about trails and where people go which is presumably marketable.

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