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How to delete/replace part of a trail


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  • Kevin Carlyle

    The quickest way is to ignore the All Trails map system and update from Open Street Map.  It's the base map they pull in data from.  It's not as easy but you want to add either foot paths or cycle path types.  If it's not a trail put it as a sidewalk and they import it as invisible but you can make a personal map on sidewalks that way, such as when doing a walk in the neighborhood.

    After 99% of my All Trail changes were ignored, including one area that had the the entire trail network completely wrong, I started updating the OSM base maps so the wrong lines were visibly wrong and people knew to ignore then.  I fixed or added hundreds of miles of trails in my area that way.

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  • Alienheartbeat

    Thanks Kevin, very helpful - 
    At least I know now I wasn't missing something obvious.

    On the Alltrails web interface (but not in the Android app) 
    I can export an existing trail as a gpx file,
    then input it into OsmAnd and the track appears there.  
    but a quick check suggested as you said - editing it is possible
    but not absolutely intuitive.  

    However there are also apparently gpx editors that would enable me to 
    edit the gpx track
    and then import to OsmAnd (or google earth) for use on the day.
    I can't see a way to import them to AllTrails, but that is less important.
    I can use osmand for the modified trails.  

    I'll wait for a free day and plenty of caffeine in the cupboard to work out how to do it.

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