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  • Kevin Carlyle

    Add the trail in Open Street Map yourself so you at least have the line to make personal maps.    The entire process to get All Trails trails fixed is horribly broken.

    I tried to correct a dozen trails where the line was in the wrong spot, one it literally went through dense underbrush and another down 90 degrees, through deep water and up 90 degrees.  None were approved.  So I fixed it OSM and now everyone can tell the trail is wrong and to not follow the green route at all.

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  • Chris T

    I have gone so far as to drive each suggested trail and record activity. Submit with review and photos. I think I’ve submitted close to 10 routes. None are showing. Does not show pending. When submitted as new trail no one else can see them I think so it’s all locked. Now a picture of a public sign showing OHV route listed by forest service is blocked. Many of these trails have city or state signs, website and brochures showing the route. Nothing is being approved. Ok, if this takes awhile because short on staff, but suspicious this process isn’t working? It’s a bit of effort to put the route and information together and still not sure if it’s working or being blocked?
    Thus app asks you to suggest trails, but they ‘curate’ so I’m having to go to other sites to find routes. Wondering if something is wrong.

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