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Correcting route after completing hike


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  • chris

    I know of 3 ways.   One is to delete the existing saved trail and create it from scratch.   Go to the Saved tab and pick Create map.   You'll have to play around with the options a bit and if it was a long, curvy trail it can take a lot of work.   Or if you have done the trail previously and you feel it is a fair representation of your current activity just down load it and then import it with a new date.  Go to the old activity and click on the 3 dots and select download.    Pick a format.   I usually use GPX Track.   Save it somewhere then import it.   Go back to Saved tab and create map.  Pick upload file.   Upload the map and edit it.   Lastly, if what you did matches the AllTrails map just download the AllTrails map then re-import it.   I've never done it that way but I believe it would work.

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