How do I add waypoints to my custom map?

To add a waypoint to your custom map look on the left side of the screen under Waypoints. Click the blue +Add button. The brand new waypoint will be purple. You can either drag the waypoint with your mouse or add GPS coordinates in decimal degree format (ex: 12.345, -123.456) to the boxes on the left side of the screen. 

Once your new waypoint is where you want it you can add a Title and Text. Titles can be turned on so that they display on your map much like a label by clicking the Show Title box. Clicking the Show Title box will also result in your Titles printing with your map. The Text field will display when hovered over and will display in the app. 

When you have positioned your Waypoint and added any Titles or Text you would like, click Save. The waypoint will then become yellow. You will be able to edit or delete your waypoint after saving if you need.