How do I edit a recorded track in QuickDraw?

There are certain circumstances when you may want to edit one of your recorded tracks in QuickDraw (i.e. if your phone died before the end of your outing). What you can do is export your recorded track to GPX, import it into QuickDraw, and then fill in the gaps. This can only be done on the web.

One issue to be aware of is that editing a track in QuickDraw is a destructive edit, which means you'll lose all the time related information of your track. This is because when you add new points they have no time data so the track needs to be converted to a route (no time). Because of this, many people simply choose to not worry about editing their track since they would prefer to keep the time data intact of what was recorded.

To download a GPX of your recording, look at the header and click History and then choose Recordings from the drop down menu. 

Find the recording you want to edit, click to open, and then click the blue Download GPX button

Once your GPX file is downloaded, go to Plan and then Maps  in the header

Click the blue New Map button and then name your new map. 

Once the map opens, click the blue Upload GPX file link.

From there you can edit as you wish.