How do I create a route on only a part of a segment?

When in 'Draw Route' mode you may notice that the AllTrails map layer features auto-routable dotted line segments. 

  • Hover your mouse over a dotted line to see how far the auto-routable segment reaches
  • When you click on a dotted line segment it will select the entirety of that segment to make map creation quicker

Trails are typically broken into segments where they intersect with roads or other trails. However, you may not always want to select an entire segment. Some common use-cases where you may want to select only part of a segment are when a particular segment is very long and you only want to go along part of the way, or if you want to start your route from a location in the middle of a segment. 

In order to disable auto-routing along a segment, hold down the shift key. When the shift key is held down two main things happen:

1. Dotted line segments no longer auto route. This means you can click along part of a dotted line segment without the entirety being selected. 

2. You can also drag and draw rather than having to click to draw. Just hold down the shift key and drag to draw your route. This is a bit more fluid and can help create curves in your route.

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