Why is my account not showing up as Pro in the iOS/Android app?

If you are a current AllTrails Pro subscriber and are getting prompted to upgrade to Pro in the iOS/Android app, the most likely explanation is that you are using a different email address to log in to the app than the one you used to sign up for Pro. 

Please follow these steps:

1. Log out of the app (iOS instructions here | Android instructions here), then log in again making sure that you are using the same email address you used when signing up for Pro

2. If that does not work, try restoring your in-app purchase (just be sure that you're logged into the same App Store/Google Play account that you used to make the purchase)

3. If neither step works, contact support@alltrails.com and we'll get you fixed up

If you'd like to learn more about how to edit or change your subscription renewal settings, please click here: http://support.alltrails.com/solution/articles/28029-how-to-edit-or-change-your-subscription-renewal-settings