What are overlays?

Overlays provide a wealth of additional information to help you plan your next adventure. 

These Overlays can be found by tapping on the 'Overlays' button in the lower right corner of any map view screen:

Photos - Displays geotagged photos across the trail map so you can view the trail.

Waypoints - Displays geotagged waypoints across the trail map so you can find landmarks, attractions, junctions, trailheads, etc.

Nearby Trails - Drops map pins for nearby trailheads so you can see other trails in the area as well as other access points.

US Contours - Adds contour lines and slope angle shading to any map layer.

In addition, there are four real-time overlays that are exclusive to AllTrail Pro members:

Heatmap - Visualizes all the user recordings tied to any trail. Easily find the most popular routes or less-traveled paths that other community members have taken.

Fire History - Displays recent fire activity, including year and incident name. Color coded by recency with red indicating the most recent and yellow being the oldest.

Weather - Displays real-time satellite and radar weather data over any map layer.

Air Quality - Displays a real-time air quality index over any map layer. Color coded with green indicating the cleanest air and red indicating the most polluted.

For information on map layers, click here.