Why can't I view my map when I'm offline?

If you are not able to see your maps offline, they may not be downloaded. Here's what we suggest to double check your maps have successfully been downloaded:

  • Check your maps for the Green arrow while you have a data connection to confirm that your files will be available when offline
  • Ensure that your phone or SD card has enough free storage
  • Delete any old or unused AllTrails maps to free up additional storage space on your phone

Maps with a filled-in GREEN circle are downloaded and saved locally on your phone. 

Maps with a BLUE circle in the lower right corner are not downloaded and saved locally to your phone. They must be downloaded in order to access them offline.

NOTE: Custom maps created via desktop or laptop computer will automatically sync to the app. A synced map is not the same as a downloaded map. You must download a map to use it offline. 

For information on how to delete a downloaded map, click here.