How do I use my downloaded maps for navigation?

Whether you're exploring a place for your first time or trying out a new route at your local park, AllTrails can help you navigate while you're out on the trail so that you don't get lost. And Pro members have the exclusive ability to download maps to your phone for offline use. This allows you to view detailed map information and navigate using your phone's built-in GPS while you're out on the trail - even when you don't have a data signal!

Your downloaded maps are stored in and accessible through the AllTrails app. To navigate with a downloaded map:

  1. Tap on Plan on the bottom navigation bar and select Maps (you do not need to be within range of a data signal to access your downloaded Maps!)

  2. Select a map from the list

  3. On the Map Details screen, tap the action button in the upper right corner and select Load into Recorder

  4. The trail map will load in the Record view, along with your current location

  5. Record your route by tapping the red Record button

  6. The verified route from the trail map that you loaded will turn semi-opaque once you tap Record; the route that you've traveled will be marked with a darker red line

If you'd like to learn more about how to download maps for offline use, please click here: