What are map layers?

Our community of outdoor enthusiasts each have slightly different needs in a map, and that is why we offer a choice of map layers across our website and apps. Each map has its strengths and weaknesses. The beauty of digital maps vs. the old paper trail maps we used to lug around with us is that with AllTrails you don't have to be stuck choosing just one format! By using map layers, you can easily toggle between map formats while keeping the size and scale that you want. 

AllTrails - our flagship map layer, custom built for the AllTrails platform. Includes trail names, mileage markers, contour lines, hill shading, waterways, roads, summit labels, land cover types (forests, glaciers, etc) and detailed building footprints.

Satellite - global, high-resolution satellite imagery. Includes labels. 

Road -  streets, buildings, and places, all around the world.

In addition to the AllTrails, Satellite, and Road map layers, there are five map layers that are exclusive to Pro members: 

Topo - US Geological Survey topographic maps showing both natural and man-made features (including campsites and roads), along with contour lines. US only.

Terrain - topographic map with contour lines and elevation that delineates boundary lines for Regional, State, and National Parks across the globe. Includes roads. 

World Parks - terrain map with elevation contour lines along with landuse and landcover information across the globe. Includes roads. 

OSM (Open Street Map) - a detailed map of the world created by a global team of volunteers. Basically the Wikipedia of maps. Includes trail names, landmarks, points-of-interest, campgrounds, parking areas, train stations, and more. 

OCM (Open Cycle Map) - similar to OSM, but primarily aimed at showing information useful to cyclists. 

These map layers can be found by tapping on the Map Layer button in the lower right corner of any map view screen.

To read more about overlays, please click here: http://support.alltrails.com/solution/articles/222526-what-are-overlays-