How do I create my own custom maps?

With AllTrails Pro, you can create your own custom routes on the web at using a desktop or laptop computer. These maps automatically sync with your AllTrails iOS/Android app so you can take your maps anywhere! You also have the ability to print these custom maps, share them with your friends, and download the GPX files to use on your own GPS device.

How to create a new custom map from scratch:

  1. Hover over Plan in the header and click on Maps
  2. Pan and zoom to the specific map area you want to save and then click the blue New Map button
  3. Enter a name for your map and click OK
  4. To add route to your map, click on Draw Route or Upload GPX in the left sidebar under Routes
  5. To draw a route select a color, click on a starting point and click along to draw your route 
    • Clicking on the dotted line segments will auto route along that entire segment 
    • If you do not want to select the entire segment you can hold down the shift key while clicking to disable auto routing; holding down the shift key will also allow you to drag and draw
    • To create an out-and-back trail click on the blue Out & Back option beneath the color palette to create a route that returns the way you came
    • To reverse the locations of the green start and black end markers, click Reverse
  6. To finish your route click Save. With QuickDraw you can create multiple routes on the same map using the various color options. Just save your first route and then click Draw Route again to add another. 
  7. Optional: add a Description, Waypoints, and/or Photos
  8. NOTE: you can edit a saved route by clicking on the pencil icon to the right of the route color. To delete a route, click on the X.

How to create a new custom map from the Explore map view:

You can also create your own map by clicking the Save Map button on any Explore map view and following steps 4-8 above

How to pan and zoom:

  • To move the map, click and hold the left mouse button and drag the map to a new area
  • Zoom in and out by using the +/- buttons in the upper right corner of the screen

How to draw a route using segments and point-to-point clicks:

  • Left-click on your mouse or trackpad to place the trailhead marker at your starting location 
  • Use your mouse cursor and left-click to draw the trail route
  • Hovering over a dotted-line trail segment will highlight it; click to select the entire segment
  • Drag the black end-marker back down a red segment to de-select a part of the segment

How to draw a route using free-draw:

  • Hold Shift on your keyboard to enable free-draw - in this state the trail line will be drawn behind wherever you move your curser
  • You can also hold Shift to disable the hover on any trail-head markers, waypoints, photos, and OSM segments
  • To undo free-draw, let go of the Shift key and left-click on your mouse to create a straight line to the next point

How to edit and save:

  • If you make a mistake simply hit the Undo button, or Delete/Backspace or Command-Z/Control-Z on your keyboard
  • If you inadvertently undo an action, you can click the Redo button to reapply your last action
  • When you are finished, click Save
  • To edit a saved route, click the pencil icon to the right of the route color. To delete a route, click on the X.

Your saved maps will be listed under Plan >> Maps in the AllTrails header.