How do I export a GPX file for my own recorded track?

One of the great benefits of AllTrails Pro is that you can export GPX files from any trail on using a desktop or laptop computer and use them on your own GPS device. However, you do not need an AllTrails Pro account to export GPX files for any of your own recordings. 

Here's how to download a GPX file for one of your recorded tracks:

  1. Log in to your AllTrails account using a desktop or laptop computer
  2. Hover over History in the header and click on Recordings (or click here)

  3. Click on the recording whose GPX file you'd like to download

  4. Click on Download GPX
  5. Depending on your web browser, the GPX file will either automatically be downloaded and saved to your computer (check your Downloads folder), or you will be prompted to save the file first