What is Lifeline?

Lifeline keeps your friends and loved ones informed while you are out on the trail, offering them peace of mind, and you the security of knowing that you’ll never be hitting the trail alone.

With Lifeline, you can select up to 5 safety contacts who will be able to track:

* Your planned start and finish time + date

* Your planned starting and ending location

* Your total tracked distance and elevation gain

* Your real-time location on a map plotted against your planned route

You can quickly send pre-formatted status updates to your safety contacts with just a tap while you are out on the trail. Most importantly, if you are overdue for your scheduled finish time, Lifeline will automatically send an alert to your safety contacts along with your last known coordinates.

Your Lifeline safety contacts can be AllTrails members, but don’t have to be. Anyone with an email address or cell phone number can be a safety contact. Safety contacts do not need to download the AllTrails app or have an AllTrails account to view your real-time location.

How does Lifeline work?

To use Lifeline, tap the Lifeline icon on the Record screen. You’ll be prompted to load a trail map, select your activity (hiking, mountain biking, backpacking, etc.), set your planned start and finish time and date, and add any new safety contacts.

Your safety contacts will receive a text message and/or email with a unique URL. They can use this link to view your status and real-time location via their web browser. They will also receive any notifications or updates that you send via Lifeline while you are out on the trail. 

Once you clear or save your recording, your safety contact will be messaged and will no longer be able to see your real-time location. Location tracking only works when you’ve turned on Lifeline and are actively recording using the AllTrails app. 


Does Lifeline require a data connection to set up?

You'll need a data signal when setting up your lifeline to send out your activity details and unique tracking URL to your safety contacts. You will also need a data signal to edit an active Lifeline. 

What happens when I don't have a data connection while out on the trail?

Real-time tracking is dependent on a data connection. If you encounter limited GPS or data connectivity while out on the trail, your safety contact will see delayed tracking information until you are back in range of a signal. AllTrails does not guarantee coordinate accuracy.

Who can see my location with Lifeline?

Anyone with your unique tracking URL can see your real-time location tracking (data signal permitting), but only while you are actively recording your activity with the AllTrails app and with Lifeline turned on. As soon as you clear or save your recording, real-time location tracking will stop. 

Why do I have to load a map into Recorder to use Lifeline?

Lifeline is built to keep your friends and family informed, and in the event that your adventure takes you to a place where there isn't a data signal (and thereby no real-time location tracking), the pre-loaded map allows your safety contacts to know your planned start/end location as well as the route you are intending to follow. If something happens to you while you are out on the trail, your safety contacts will be notified if you don't check in by your planned to end time, and they can pass this vital information to the local authorities to use in any sort of search and rescue process.