What is a Verified Completed badge and how do I earn one?

When you record your activity out on the trail using the AllTrails app, our system automatically checks your recording against our database of 55,000+ hand-curated trail guides. When your recorded route overlaps with at least 75% of one of our trails, you’ll earn a purple Verified Completed badge for that trail. Sometimes your recording will overlap with more than one trail in our system, and in those instances you’ll earn multiple Verified Completed badges from one outing!

If you want to follow along while recording to make sure you earn a badge for a specific trail, you can load that trail into Recorder (for example, by pressing the “Record” button on any trail page). You’ll see a progress bar along the top of the map area, and as you record, the underlying trail and the progress bar will turn purple when your recording overlaps the trail. When you have verified 75% of the trail, you’ll get a notification that you earned the Verified Completed badge for that trail.

Trails that have been added to your Completed List but not verified will have a green Completed badge. You can earn a purple Verified Completed badge by recording an activity using the AllTrails app or through a sync of your Garmin account on that trail. GPX files that are uploaded to alltrails.com will not qualify for a Verified Completed badge. 

Both Completed and Verified Completed badges can be found on any trail result-card in the Explore, Favorites, Lists, and Completed screens.