What is a Reputation Score?

AllTrails is driven by community generated content. Your Reputation Score helps members see who is the most active within the AllTrails community. 

Your Reputation Score goes up when you contribute content such as reviews, photos, and track recordings. You can also increase your score by suggesting new trails (see Adding a new trail), or editing existing trails (see Editing or adding info to a trail). If your suggested edits get approved by our reviewers, you get even more points. 

The exact amount of points provided for each action is a trusted secret but what we can tell you is that different actions are weighted differently. Here is a quick summary on how all your contributions help make the AllTrails community even better:

  1. Trails - adding new trails or editing trails to improve them helps other members discover new places
  2. Recordings - recording a track or uploading a GPS file of a track helps provide inspiration for other users' activities
  3. Photos - sharing photos helps members learn more about what they'll see on the trail
  4. Reviews - writing a review helps members learn more about a trail
  5. Check-ins - checking in at a trailhead helps validate the trailhead location is accurate
  6. Facebook - linking your account with Facebook helps verify your identity
  7. Verified Completions - get bonus points by earning Verified Completed badges

Besides specific actions being weighted differently, you also can earn points by contributing content to trails with little to no content. Find those trails that need to be improved and get rewarded for being one of the first people to write a review, submit photos, or go out & track it using the AllTrails app or your favorite GPS device. 

We are continuously tweaking our Reputation Score algorithms to ensure that our community members are rewarded for providing relevant, helpful content. As of Sept. 2016 we've recalculated everyone's score using our new point system - the most important changes are listed below:

- we've capped the maximum number of points that you can earn for each content submission category per trail

- private photos and tracks will no longer count towards your Reputation Score

- photos not tied to a trail or a recording will no longer count towards your score

Reputation isn't meant to be a contest but we hope you find it fun to see how your reputation increases as you are more active and find it valuable to see other members' reputation scores.